Theresa Rebeck

An accomplished screenwriter, producer, and playwright, Theresa Rebeck is best known for her work in television, particularly creating the Broadway-set drama series "Smash." Juggling roles as a playwright and TV writer, Rebeck began to pick up steam as the latter during the early 1990s, penning episodes of the lauded comedy series "Dream On" and the legal drama "L.A. Law," before moving on to the cop show "NYPD Blue." Her television successes led to her screenwriting contributions to the feature family comedy "Harriet the Spy," and later, the notably more adult drama "Gossip," starring James Marsden and Kate Hudson. Branching out into producing, Rebeck served in that capacity on more than 35 episodes of the procedural drama "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," while also writing a few episodes of the series. After pitching in on the much-maligned superhero movie "Catwoman," Rebeck worked on the short-lived legal drama "Canterbury's Law," featuring Julianna Margulies as a formidable attorney. In 2012, Rebeck was finally involved in another TV hit as the creator and executive producer of "Smash." Starring Angelica Houston, Debra Messing, and Katharine McPhee as part of a large ensemble cast, the behind-the-scenes theater show attracted a significant audience and garnered largely positive reviews, giving Rebeck's small-screen career a major boost.