Noel Fisher

A pale, oftentimes brooding young actor with heavy-lidded eyes, Noel Fisher transitioned from innocuous adolescent roles to intense portrayals of misanthropic teen outcasts and eventually, dangerously passionate or intensely pensive professionals. First garnering fans as Toad, the voice of the rascally neophyte mutant on the animated superhero smash "X-Men: Evolution," he began appearing on the big screen as sneering bullies and insolent, pimple-faced trash-talkers in such otherwise lighthearted comedies as the zippy after-school revenge satire "Max Keeble's Big Move" (2001). After a darkly comic role in the hair-raising horror sequel "Final Destination 2," playing a boy whose grisly, barbecue-related death serves as the film's closing moment of gallows humor, he took a turn toward increasingly edgier and more complex material. Few are likely to forget his depiction of the disconnected dog-torturer Danny in the eerie backwoods thriller "Red," but Fisher's work has most frequently been in the realm of television. In addition to co-starring as the son of a family of decadent crooks on the short-lived cable seriocomedy "The Riches," he memorably shook up the patent police-procedural formula with his performance as a grating forensics technician turned full-blown sociopath on the 11th season of the prime-time staple "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" ('09). He sometimes appears as brave soldier-types in projects such as the meditative wartime mini-series "The Pacific" and the explosive alien-invasion blockbuster "Battle: Los Angeles."