Nick McLean

An Emmy-nominated cinematographer, Nick McLean is best known for his work on the hit sitcom, "Friends," and the family sci-fi feature, "The Goonies." A native of North Hollywood, McLean was the stepson of Fred Jackman Jr., a cinematographer who helped him get started in the film industry. He began as an assistant cameraman on B-movies like the 1971 horror film, "The Touch of Satan," before gradually moving up to camera operator, a task he performed for John Schlesinger on "Marathon Man," Michael Cimino on the Oscar-winning, "The Deer Hunter," and Hal Ashby on the satirical comedy, "Being There," in 1979. While shooting the Burt Reynolds action film, "Sharkey's Machine," he was recruited by Reynolds to be the cinematographer on his 1983 film, "Stroker Ace." McLean's first official credit as cinematographer was the 1980 comedy, "Cheech & Chong's Next Movie." He worked with Reynolds again on the 1984 action sequel, "Cannonball Run II," and was director of photography for the Steven Spielberg-penned family comedy, "The Goonies." He also worked on the Mel Brooks comedy, "Spaceballs," in 1987 before turning his attention to TV. After working with Reynolds on several episodes of his short-lived drama, "B.L. Stryker," McLean found his niche on television, eventually working on the sitcom, "Cybill," and the Bonnie Hunt vehicle, "Life with Bonnie." His association with the long-running sitcom, "Friends," began in 2000 and lasted 72 episodes, earning him three Emmy nominations.