Nat Wolff

A hit among pre-teen audiences as the charismatic, if secretly lovelorn, frontman for the Naked Brothers Band, Nat Wolff is an actor and musician whose desire to become a rock performer led to the popular sitcom of the same name (Nickelodeon, 2007-2009) and all the ensuing hysteria that followed fan-favorite groups. The son of two show-business professionals, Wolff felt his desire for stardom kicked into gear before he was age five, when he began performing in an ensemble with other celebrity offspring. When that group fell apart, he joined his younger brother, Alex, in the Naked Brothers Band. Their mother was so charmed by their antics that she developed a feature film around them, which later gave rise to the television series. The act's popularity in all mediums, as well as key award nominations for Wolff's performances, signaled that he was among the highest echelon of grade-school celebrity crushes, as well as a talent whose potential appeared to be unlimited. He confirmed this while still in his late teens by taking on more nuanced film roles, notably in the collegiate dramedy "Admission" (2013) and the hit "The Fault In Our Stars" (2014), which only led to more opportunities for the undeniably talented Wolff.