Meghan McCain

Known foremost as daughter to senator and sometime presidential candidate John McCain, Meghan McCain emerged as a relevant voice in politics in her own right. Born in 1984, McCain made her first public appearance at age 12 at the Republican National Convention. She would go on to attend Columbia University as an art history major and had inclinations to become a music journalist. Politics soon won her over however, and after finding success as a blogger during her father's 2008 presidential run, McCain published the book My Dad, John McCain. She was hired as a columnist at The Daily Beast the following year, and quickly began making the rounds as an increasingly in-demand pundit on shows like "Larry King Live" (CNN, 1985-2010) and "The Colbert Report" (Comedy Central, 2005-2015). McCain ruffled the feathers of many republicans by advocating a socially liberal Republican ethos, speaking in favor of same sex marriage and public access to sex education and birth control. She published Dirty Sexy Politics in 2010, followed by 2012's collaboration with comedian Michael Ian Black, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom. McCain subsequently began branching further into broadcasting, hosting the short lived road-based talk show "Raising McCain" (Pivot 2013-14).