Matt Letscher

To a certain extent, Matt Letscher's early career highlight playing the villainous Captain Harrison Love opposite Antonio Banderas in Martin Campbell's hit feature film adaptation "The Mask of Zorro" (1998) overshadowed much of the young actor's early career. For the University of Michigan drama major, however, a slow-burning career as a television character actor brought recurring roles in ever more high-profile shows, including "Good Morning, Miami" (NBC 2002-2004), "Joey" (NBC 2004-06), "The West Wing" (NBC 1999-2006), "Entourage" (HBO 2004-11) and "Scandal" (ABC 2012- ). His proven versatility as a character actor, with many of the square-jawed attributes of a traditional leading man married to a certain depth and sensitivity, also kept his career buoyant in independent cinema.