Luis Tosar

Intense actor Luis Tosar has distinguished himself with strong performances in his native Spain since the early '90s. He gained regional attention as Andréas Domnínguez on the Galician series "Mareas vivas"--created by Antón Reixa, the story focuses on a couple living in a town on the Costa da Morte. Tosar began his collaboration with writer/director Icíar Bollaín on 1999's "Flores de otro mundo," giving a breakthrough performance. Co-starring with Javier Bardem, Tosar played José in "Mondays in the Sun," which was nominated for numerous European film awards and won both Tosar a Goya Award and a Cinema Writers Circle Award (CEC) for Best Supporting Actor. His next big project, "Take My Eyes," put Tosar in the lead as the abusive Antonio in a story of domestic violence written and directed by Bollaín. He won numerous film festival awards and a second CEC Award for the role, this time for Best Actor. Despite his numerous awards, it wasn't until Michael Mann's slick crime-thriller "Miami Vice" that Tosar became an internationally recognized star, playing icy villain Montoya. He was then cast by American indie director Jim Jarmusch in the cerebral crime drama "The Limits of Control."