Jennifer Beals

Intelligent and beautiful with a disarming smile, Jennifer Beals managed to exude both strength and tenderness in her work, making her one of the most relatable and talented actresses of her time. A pop culture icon after her star-making debut as Alex Owens in "Flashdance" (1983), Beals weathered the backlash storm after it was revealed she had a dance double in the hit film. After disappearing off the radar for some time - perhaps spooked by her overnight "Flashdance" fame - Beals would eventually come back to the Hollywood fold and build an less flashy but impressive film and television career over the next 20 years. Her touching portrayal of lesbian workaholic Bette Porter on the provocative drama "The L Word" (Showtime, 2004-09), instantly revitalized Beal's career. She returned to headline the cast of "The Chicago Code" (Fox, 2010-11), a critically acclaimed police drama, sadly canceled in its first season. Further projects were in the offing, however, and several decades after her early 1980s mega-stardom, Beals proved that her talent and timeless beauty would keep her working steadily for years to come.