Imogen Poots

The daughter of an Irish television producer and an English journalist, blonde, blue-eyed Imogen Poots originally intended to pursue a career as a veterinarian, a field as far from the limelight as possible. However, her career plans and future diverged relatively abruptly when the London native fainted at the sight of a veterinary surgery during an internship and decided she could no longer continue with her original course of study. Instead, Poots began spending Saturday afternoons at an improv workshop run by the Young Blood Theatre Company, where she fell in love with acting. After being cast in the non-speaking role of young Valerie for the graphic novel adaptation of "V for Vendetta" (2006) Poots was still a relative unknown. That changed only a year later, when she was selected to star as Tammy in Danny Boyle's zombie thriller "28 Weeks Later" (2007). Still very academically inclined, Poots took her A-levels, attaining 3 A grades and earning herself admittance to the prestigious Courtauld Institute of Art. Enamored of acting, she deferred her admission to the school in order to pursue a film career. This proved to be a wise decision, as Poots quickly landed roles on television series such as "Bouquet of Barbed Wire" (BBC 2010) and features like the biopic "Greetings From Tim Buckley" (2013) and the romantic comedy "That Awkward Moment" (2014), in which she starred opposite Zac Efron. Poots next appeared in the Nick Hornby adaptation "A Long Way Down" (2014), the thriller "Need For Speed" (2014), and the Jimi Hendrix biopic "Jimi: All Is By My Side" (2014). She then played the lead in Peter Bogdanovich's comedy "She's Funny That Way" (2014).