Elliot Knight

Elliot Knight grew up in the United Kingdom with parents who were teachers with some theatrical background. That opened him up to the world of acting and eventually studied at the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre, graduating in 2011. But before he was even done with school, Knight was cast as the lead role in "Sinbad" (Sky 1 2012). While the show only lasted one year, the experience of being a leading man helped Knight get regular work in TV, appearing on episodes of "Law & Order: UK" (ITV 2009-2014) and "How to Get Away with Murder" (ABC 2014- ). He starred in the short-lived British drama "By Any Means" (BBC One 2013) and made more of a name for himself in America as the magician Merlin on the fifth season of the fairy-tale show "Once Upon a Time" (ABC 2011- ). After that, he was a lead on the short-lived mystery show "American Gothic" (CBS 2016). A one-off appearance on the show "No Tomorrow" (The CW 2016-17) eventually led to Knight starring as Wes alongside Lucy Hale in the dramedy "Life Sentence" (The CW 2018- )