Eddie Fernandez

Eddie Fernandez worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. Fernandez worked on a variety of projects during his early entertainment career, including "Adventures in Babysitting" with Elisabeth Shue (1987), "Cease Fire" with Don Johnson (1985) and "Code of Silence" with Chuck Norris (1985). He also contributed to "Raw Deal" (1986), "The Color of Money" (1986) and "The Naked Face" (1985). In the early 2000s, Fernandez devoted his time to various credits, such as "We Were Soldiers" (2002) starring Mel Gibson, "Windtalkers" (2002) starring Nicolas Cage and the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith blockbuster "Bad Boys II" (2003). He also worked on "Biker Boyz" (2003) starring Laurence Fishburne. Fernandez had a number of different projects under his belt in the 2010s, including "Cop Out" with Bruce Willis (2010), "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise (2010) and "The A-Team" with Corey Burton (2010). His credits also expanded to the Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham box office smash "The Expendables" (2010) and "The Dilemma" (2011) starring Vince Vaughn. Fernandez most recently worked on the drama "Woman in Gold" (2015) with Helen Mirren.