Dominique Pinon

A French actor known for his expressive visage and curious stage presence, Dominique Pinon is a favorite of filmmakers Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Johannes Roberts. Pinon made his screen debut in 1981 with a supporting part in Jean-Jacques Beineix's arty thriller "Diva." Beineix also cast Pinon in his next two films, "The Moon in the Gutter," starring Gérard Depardieu, and "Betty Blue." One of Pinon's first American film appearances was in Roman Polanski's Paris-set thriller, "Frantic," starring Harrison Ford, but Pinon would really come to the attention of audiences outside of France through his work with Jeunet, who built an international cult following in the '90s with his surreal and visually stunning films. Pinon was especially memorable in Jeunet's "The City of Lost Children" as a clone that appears in multiple forms within single scenes. Pinon has played roles in all of Jeunet's major films, including the United States-released sci-fi thriller "Alien: Resurrection," the fourth movie in the "Alien" series. He has also worked with British horror-film director Johannes Roberts on three of his films, "Darkhunters" and "When Evil Calls."