Brad Leland

Brad Leland was a Lubbock, Texas-born actor who landed his first notable role when he appeared on an episode of "Dallas" (CBS, 1978-1991) in 1986. He subsequently appeared in various roles on seven episodes of another Texas-based television show, "Walker, Texas Ranger" (CBS, 1993-2001) from 1994 to 1998. Leland portrayed Big Rig Rob in the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2003), followed up by a role as high school football booster John Aubrey in the film "Friday Night Lights" (2004). This begun a series of collaborations with director Peter Berg, which was quickly continued with the "Friday Night Lights" (NBC, 2006-2011) television show. Leland played Buddy Garrity, a high school football booster like John Aubrey. Garrity, nevertheless, took on a unique character of his own, inspired by Leland's high school football career at Plano High School in Texas. Following a cameo in the Berg-directed "Hancock" (2007), Leland appeared in a number of TV shows such as "CSI: Miami" (CBS, 2002-2012), "Parks and Recreation" (NBC, 2009-2015), and "Justified" (FX, 2010-2015). He took on another memorable recurring role when he first appeared as Bill O'Brien on "Veep" (HBO, 2012- ) in the show's first season.