Billy MacLellan

Growing up in Nova Scotia, Canadian actor Billy MacLellan set his sights on performing as a teenager. He attended Concordia University and the National Theatre School to hone his acting talents, which led to his first professional roles in the late '90s. His career started slow, first with Canadian projects like the TV movie "Blue Moon" (1999), the drama "Jack & Ella" (2002) and comedy "Rub & Tug" (2002). Throughout the next decade, MacLellan regularly appeared in Canadian television with a few sojourns into American shows. Most notably, he appeared in acclaimed shows like "Slings & Arrows" (Sundance Channel 2003-06) and "Bomb Girls" (Univision 2012-13). However, these roles were never major ones, almost always in the background. One of his more familiar roles from this time period might be his voice-acting work in the Ubisoft video game "Watch Dogs" (2014) and "Watch Dogs 2" (2016). He did have a major recurring role in the third season of the sci-fi western "Defiance" (Syfy 2013-15) and made a notable turn in a pair of episodes of time-traveling thriller "12 Monkeys" (Syfy 2015- ). In 2016, he appeared in the Ethan Hawke-starring "Maudie" (2016), which was his most noteworthy appearance in American film to date. After that, MacLellan was a part of the main cast of the Anna Paquin-starring crime show "Bellevue" (CBC 2017- ). Sticking with his Canadian roots, he was also a part of the mini-series "Caught" (2018), which reunited him with Paul Gross, the star and creator of "Slings & Arrows."