Ashley Benson

A vivacious and talented ingénue, actress Ashley Benson spent her formative years as a daytime soap actress before her career took off after starring on the provocative teen series, "Pretty Little Liars" (ABC Family, 2010- ). Prior to her breakout performance on that series, Benson spent three years playing Abby Deveraux on "Days of Our Lives" (NBC, 1965- ) while making guest appearances on shows like "7th Heaven" (The WB/The CW, 1996-2007), "The O.C." (Fox, 2003-07), "CSI: Miami" (CBS, 2002-2012) and "Supernatural" (The WB/The CW, 2005- ). Though a regular on the short-lived "Eastwick" (ABC, 2009-2010), that show's cancellation allowed Benson to land "Pretty Little Liars," leading the young actress to become one of Hollywood's newest sensations. Capitalizing on her newfound stardom, Benson co-starred in the teen thriller "Spring Breakers" (2013), which underscored her bravery and honesty in every role she played.