Adan Canto

Handsome Mexican actor Adan Canto was born in Acuña, Mexico, on the Texas border, in 1981. Canto got his start in his native country, doing a smattering of small roles in various Mexican television shows and short films. These led to his first big opportunity with the American crime drama series "The Following" (Fox 2013-15); his portrayal of Paul Torres, a loyal follower of cult leader and serial killer Joe Carroll, turned out to be his international breakthrough. It led to an opportunity to take part in one of Hollywood's most successful franchises. In Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (2014), Canto took on the role of Sunspot, a mutant from the future who was one of several new mutants introduced in the film. Even before the film was released, Canto moved on to land a major role in the sitcom "Mixology"(ABC 2014), portraying Dominic, a bartender always used to being the best-looking man in the room, though rarely the smartest. Despite the series' advance hype, it turned out to be a ratings dud and was canceled after a single season. In preparation for the next stage of his career, Canto turned his talents to writing, directing and starring in a short film titled "Before Tomorrow" (2014).