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Sword of Trust

critic Reviews

  • Expertly drawn characters and a strong senes of humanity make Sword of Trust an enjoyable -- if at times meandering -- journey.
  • Richard RoeperChicago Sun-Times
    Even when Maron is playing someone who is the saddest and most cynical person in the room (and maybe the whole town), he is a brilliant reactor who delivers pithy comebacks and wry observations with pitch-perfect timing.
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  • Justin ChangLos Angeles Times
    A smart, politically barbed comedy about truthiness and consequences.
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  • Mark FeeneyBoston Globe
    In this entertainment day and age, originality counts for something, and "Sword of Trust" is nothing if not novel.
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  • Matt Zoller
    A throwback to the kind of rambling, character-driven, micro-budgeted indie flicks that used to be all over theaters in the 1990s.
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  • Ann HornadayWashington Post
    "Sword of Trust" is a perfect comedy of manners for our post-truth age, when historical consensus has become subject to the same kind of interpretive haggling as the price of a kitschy cream pitcher.
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  • Michael PhillipsChicago Tribune
    The film neither unites nor divides; it shambles, scoring a few points, mostly because of Maron's rumpled charisma, and Watkins' oddball, push-pull timing.
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  • Al AlexanderThe Patriot Ledger
    It's deep, but it's also funny, enlightening and giddy, as we laugh while fighting an unignorable urge to cry.
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  • Travis HopsonPunch Drunk Critics
    ...driven by a quartet of instantly-likable, flawed, funny characters played by an ensemble capable of mining a madcap premise for all it's worth.
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  • Norman WilnerNOW Toronto
    The movie belongs to Maron, who it turns out is not just a gifted actor but a pretty decent guitar player, too. You're going to want to check it out.
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  • Jeffrey M. AndersonCombustible Celluloid
    It feel(s) like it comes from life, and it's as lovable as it is wacky.
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