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  • Decades removed from the original, this multi-generational Shaft struggles to keep its characters interesting -- or anything other than uncomfortably outdated.
  • David EdelsteinNew York Magazine/Vulture
    It stinks to heaven.
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  • Richard RoeperChicago Sun-Times
    Middle generation Shaft looks good roaring around in his souped-up Monte Carlo SS. It's too bad the characters as a whole didn't have a better vehicle.
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  • Peter TraversRolling Stone
    Tim Story's update of the blaxploitation classic is shamelessly regressive. Male dinosaurs again walk the earth with misogynistic and homophobic impunity. These are the laughs, folks. Don't be surprised if they stick in your throat.
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  • Odie
    This movie is 'ruin your childhood' bad, right down to the hideous auto-tuned end credits song they chose to use instead of the original 'Theme From Shaft.'
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  • Chris KlimekNPR
    [T]his movie isn't smart enough to find any comic inspiration in the generation gap between Shaft Prime and Shaft Sr. It just makes them both Cranky Old Heavily-Armed Guys.
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  • John SemleyGlobe and Mail
    In its neediness to be liked, the new Shaft - the third of five films in the series to be titled, simply, Shaft - says everything and nothing.
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  • Pablo A. ScholzClarín
    At what point did Shaft, which already became a saga with this third film, go from being an iconic action story to a sitcom? [Full review in Spanish]
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  • Dominic GriffinSpectrum Culture
    Shaft is a colossal and embarrassing waste of time.
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  • Phumlani S LangaCity Press (South Africa)
    Doing away with the blaxploitation format in favour of an action romcom had me feeling a little let down, but this is a light and undemanding watch you might enjoy.
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  • Stephen SilverSplice Today
    The film's politics may be somewhat reactionary and informed by lazy Millennial-bashing, but it has its moments.
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