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critic Reviews

  • Equal parts empathy and outrage, Rosie offers a heartbreaking glimpse of economic insecurity that will hit many viewers uncomfortably close to home.
  • Kenneth TuranLos Angeles Times
    Other films have bigger budgets and more glamorous stars, some even take home more awards. But few if any can quietly move you as much as "Rosie."
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  • Jeannette CatsoulisNew York Times
    Doyle's screenplay is brutally specific about the overwhelming demands of child care under these circumstances, and Rosie's efforts to keep up appearances with relatives and school officials are heartbreaking.
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  • Kevin MaherTimes (UK)
    Thanks to a sterling central turn from Greene (plus solid support from Moe Dunford as her hard-working hubby), the film pits the unfeeling state against the near-mythic resilience of the family unit.
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  • Peter BradshawGuardian
    There is great sadness in this film - and great anger.
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  • David JenkinsLittle White Lies
    Its less-is-more approach pays heartbreaking dividends.
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  • Dennis HarveyVariety
    This small, tough film provides no easy solutions.
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  • Dominic GriffinSpectrum Culture
    Draws considerable power from a pervasive ignorance on just how thin the barrier is between housing security and absolute free fall.
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  • Frederic and Mary Ann BrussatSpirituality and Practice
    Moving drama about a suddenly homeless family dealing with the challenges of this increasingly common situation.
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  • Filipe FreitasAlways Good Movies
    Depicting 36 stressful hours in these people's lives, the film doesn't grant a resolution. However, it's a heartbreaking, accurate, well-acted ride...
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  • Martha K. BakerKDHX (St. Louis)
    Director Paddy] Breathnach shows Rosie coping, multi-tasking, melting down, loving, forging ahead with her little girl. She is beautiful in every way. Her story is, too.
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