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Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

critic Reviews

  • Owen GleibermanVariety
    "Unstoppable" starts as a tale of transcending tragedy, but it ends up where almost every other surfing documentary does, at that place where the majesty of surfing - the Zen of it, the deathly beauty of it - becomes all.
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  • Kimber MyersLos Angeles Times
    [E]ven someone who knows nothing about surfing can't help but sit mouth agape at Hamilton's athleticism, optimism and determination.
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  • Harry WindsorHollywood Reporter
    The many vivid sequences on the waves are enough to justify the pic's presence on the big screen.
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  • Sandie Angulo ChenCommon Sense Media
    Inspirational docu has themes of perseverance, gratitude.
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  • Alex SavelievFilm Threat
    Unstoppable treads shallow, still, shark-less waters.
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  • Jackie K.
    A touching and inspiring film. Bethany Hamilton shows here she lives up to all the hype. She is heroic and this documentary captures it perfectly.
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  • Josh TerryDeseret News (Salt Lake City)
    "Unstoppable" adds a new twist to an already inspiring story... and it doesn't quite match the grandeur of the massive waves its subject rides.
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  • Michael WardShould I See It
    There is very little, if anything, to object to here.
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  • Todd JorgensonCinemalogue
    ... lacks depth in its presentation, relying on the sort of hagiography you might expect from a project that's fully authorized by its subject.
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  • Joey MagidsonHollywood News
    Here's the thing. Bethany Hamilton is an inspiring figure, but she never makes for a fully compelling documentary subject.
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