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critic Reviews

  • Matt Zoller
    The movie is sleek, smart, and reasonably thorough, and it offers the enticement of never-before-seen home movies provided by Armstrong's family.
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  • Kenneth TuranLos Angeles Times
    With the 50th anniversary of man's first steps on the moon just days away, movies dealing with the event have been thick on the land for awhile. But even if you think you've seen enough, "Armstrong" is worth your time.
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  • Cath ClarkeGuardian
    This retelling of the Neil Armstrong story has been eclipsed by superior studies of his historic lunar mission.
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  • Candice FrederickTheWrap
    There are several points throughout "Armstrong" that feel sluggish... but it does manage to soar (please forgive the pun) once it actually brings the audience to the moon with Armstrong, Aldrin, and command module pilot Michael Collins.
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  • Philip De SemlyenTime Out
    It's all watchable enough but hardly a giant leap for documentary making.
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  • Frank SwietekOne Guy's Opinion
    It's a worthy celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing and of the man who took the one small step that was also a giant leap for mankind.
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  • Steven ProkopyThird Coast Review
    Armstrong is a worthy biography and a solid way to mark the anniversary [of the Moon walk].
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  • Glenn DunksThe Film Experience
    Much of the story falls on his family and colleagues and this lack of deeper probing means that the movie falls into retelling of the NASA mission.
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  • Edward PorterSunday Times (UK)
    David Fairhead's portrait of Neil Armstrong has a slightly less demonstrative hero, but still finds examples of his genial nature.
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  • Owen RichardsThe Arts Desk
    It excels in showing how Armstrong remained calm and capable in some truly astonishing situations.
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